Class Number: 1-3553190-SJNFL-280919-3625

A one-day program designed for children 10 years of age and older to help prepare them stay safe in times where they may find themselves alone for short periods of time. Phone calls and visitors, recognizing hazards, following home safety procedures, first aid basics, healthy eating, fire safety, and how to use 911 will be covered. St. John Ambulance believes that youth who are well prepared for the unexpected, will more confidently handle an emergency and be safer as a result. Each student will receive a Canada Safety Council Handbook and certificate.

Language: English
Seats Available: 12
Start Date and Time: 2019-09-28 10:00 AM
End Date and Time: 2019-09-28 1:00 PM

Price: $35.00
Branch Information
Niagara Falls
5734 Glenholme Avenue Niagara Falls , ON L2G 4Y3 (905) 356-7340

Class Location: Crystal Ridge Branch Library - Default Room
Class Address: 89 Ridge Rd Ridgeway, ON
Directions: Not Available

Please Note:
We thank you for choosing St. John Ambulance for your First Aid Training needs. Please note that there is a 20% cancellation fee (plus HST), and a $15 transfer fee (plus HST) for change requests. Due to short notice scheduling demands, no refunds or transfers are provided within 5 business days of class start. No shows are not refunded nor transferred.